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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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New Voice Mail System "MavMAIL Voice Access" is here!

MavMAIL Voice Access: 507-389-2222

Campus faculty and staff that use campus telephones now have new functionality. MavMAIL Voice Access offers rich voice mail service as before, but it also allows you to access other services as well:

  • Access your e-mail through using voice commands
    • Have MavMAIL Voice Access read an e-mail message to you
    • Reply to an e-mail or forward it using voice commands
  • Access your calendar
    • Reschedule a meeting using voice commands
    • Send notification to attendees that you will be 10 minutes late
  • Access the campus phone directory
  • Access your personal Contacts directory
  • Voice mail messages are much smaller
    • Takes up less space in your inbox
    • Maintain .WAV file format for Mac users

New Features

  • Speech recognition
  • Listen to your e-mail, calendar and contacts from a phone
  • Missed call notification sent to your Inbox as an e-mail message
  • Voice mail are still accessible in folders other than Inbox
  • Reset your voice mail PIN using MavMAIL or Outlook
  • Play voice mail messages using VCR controls in the media bar
  • Add notes to your voice mail message
  • Much smaller voice mail message size (1/5 the size of .wav files)

More Information

MavMAIL Voice Access Training Manual

Many more features are included and more will be added in the coming months.