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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

2016 Fall Retreat

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[PDF] president/2016_retreat_agenda.pdf (33 KiB)


 Table Topics - Session 1

1. Our Sesquicentennial: What are your "Big Ideas"  - Sara Frederick, Daardi Sizemore

[PDF] president/fall_retreat_16_sesquicentennial_report.pdf (245 KiB)


2. Forward Looking Budget Planning - Rick Straka, Bobby Fleischman

[PDF] president/forward_looking_budget_1-pg.pdf (62 KiB)


3. Moving the Institution Forward with Strategic Planning - Lynn Akey, Pat Nelson

 [PDF] president/moving_the_institution_forward_with_strategic_planning.pdf (233 KiB)


 4. Our Academic Master Plan: Defining Our Areas of Distinction - Kristine Retherford, Brian Martensen

[PDF] president/table_4.pdf (254 KiB)


5. Our Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Plan, 2016/17 - Henry Morris, Queen Booker, Kelly Meier


6. Retention, Retention, Retention: It's Everyone's Job! - Ginger Zierdt, Matthew Sewell, Brianna Williamson

[PDF] president/retention_retention_retention_it_s_everyone_s_job.pdf (68 KiB)

[PDF] president/table_6.pdf (218 KiB)


7. IT Solutions: New Name/New Place - Mark Johnson, Matthew Clay

[PDF] president/it_solutions_new_name_new_place.pdf (194 KiB)


8. Our HLC Report: How Did We Do? What's Next? - Joan Roca, Paul Mackie

 [PDF] president/our_hlc_report_how_did_we_do_whats_next.pdf (4 KiB)


9. Research, Grants and Contracts: Pur Choices & Challenges - Barry Ries, Kristel Seth, Teresa Wallace

[PDF] president/research_grants_contracts_our_choices_challenges.pdf (298 KiB)



Table Topic Sessions 2A & 2B

1. Charting the Future: The "Transfer Pathways" Program - Brenda Flannery, Gregg Marg, Shirley Murray

[PDF] president/transfer_pathways_table_discussion_summary_from_aug.pdf (180 KiB)

2. Continuing Education & Customized Training: On the Move - Kim Greer, Lou Dickmeyer

 [PDF] president/table_topic_2_presidential_retreat_session_cect_summary_2016.pdf (247 KiB)

3. University Extended Education: Multi-faceted Opportunities - Tom Norman, Jean Haar, Paul Wyss

 [PDF] president/table_topic_3_university_extended_education.pdf (64 KiB)

4. How to be an Inclusion Champion - Jerel Benton, David Gardner

[PDF] president/how_to_be_an_inclusion_champion.pdf (188 KiB)


5. Re-Imagining the First Year of College (RFY): A Growth Mindset - Jason Westman, Matthew Sewell

[PDF] president/table_topic_5_reimagining_the_first_year.pdf (257 KiB)


6.Professional Advising: Maximizing Capacity for our Students - Ginger Zierdt, Sara Granberg-Rademacker


[PDF] president/advising_capacity_map.pdf (73 KiB)


7. Challenging Our High-Achieving, Highly-Motivated Students - David Jones, Ginny Walters

[PDF] president/table_7_-_high_achieving_and_highly_motivated_students.pdf (232 KiB)


8. Our Facilities Master Plan: Future Aspirations - Rick Straka, Robert Fleischman

[PDF] president/table_topic_8_facilities_master_plan_aspirations_1-pg.pdf (64 KiB)


9. Telling Our Story: Better and More Often - Matt Cecil, Dan Benson



10. Our Enrollment: How are we Changing? How can we Grow?

[PDF] president/session_2_-_table_10.pdf (312 KiB)