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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

2015 Fall Retreat

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[PDF] Fall Retreat Agenda (222 KiB)





 Jim Grabowska - CtF Presentation- [PDF] president/jim_grabowska.pdf (58 KiB)


Mariah Haffield, MSSA President - president/mssa_president_s_retreat_fall_2015.pptx


Jonathan Zierdt's Presentation - [PDF] president/jonathan_zierdt.pdf (2 MiB)
[PDF] president/slide_6_video_can_be_found_online_using_this_link.pdf (79 KiB)



Table Discussions


1. Charting the Future: Campus Collaborations - Jim Grabowska, Shirley Murray
[PDF] Charting the Future
(207 KiB)



 2. Our Sesquicentennial: Planning for our Celebration - Kent Clark, Paul Hustoles
  [PDF] president/msu_sesquicentennial_planning.pdf (286 KiB)



3. Our Budget: Planning for Fy 2016/17- Rick Straka, Steve Smith
 [PDF] president/our_budget.pdf (222 KiB)



4. Our Academic Master Plan, 2015-2018: What's Next? - Lynn Akey, Joan Roca



5. Academic Maps & AgileGrad: What's New for Fall 2015?- Ginger Zierdt, Sara Granberg-Rademacker
 [PDF] president/agile_grad_academic_maps.pdf (193 KiB)



6. Financial Assistance for Students: What are the Best Practices? - Sandra Loerts, Jan Marble
 [PDF] president/financial_assistants_for_students.pdf (222 KiB)



7. Leading and Managing Change: What Can I do? - Henry Morris, Mary Van Duynhoven
 [PDF] president/leading_managing_change_what_can_i_do.pdf (102 KiB)



8. Our "Common Read" Program: New Collaborations - Ginny Walters, Monika Antonelli
 [PDF] president/our_common_read_program.pdf (162 KiB)



9. Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity: Future Directions - Brian Martensen, Paul Mackie



10. Campus Facilities: What's New? - Ron Fields, Craig Rasmussen


11. Partnerships: What's an Ideal Parnership Look Like? - Mike Gustafson, Gregg Marg, Guadalupe Quintero
 [PDF] president/partnerships_what_an_ideal_partnership_looks_like.pdf (272 KiB)


12. Our Enrollment: How are we Changing? How can we Grow? - Brian Jones, Chris Mickle, Kelly Meier
 [PDF] president/enrollment_how_are_we_changing_how_can_we_grow.pdf (252 KiB)



13. HLC: What Do I Need to Know? - Kim Greer, Andi Lassiter, Julie Dornack
 [PDF] president/hlc_what_do_i_need_to_know.pdf (198 KiB)



14. Our Performance Measures: How are We Doing? - David Jones, Bobby Fleischman
[PDF] president/our_performance_measures.pdf (272 KiB)